McDonalds Commercial “First Love” - Huling El Bimbo 2009

In my opinion, McDo never fails to produce classic commercials. The commercials that audience would easily empathize. So far, from the Karen-Gina commercials to the Good Kuya commercial (yeah, these are the commercials of McDo that I really love), I’m getting that McDo focuses on showing relationships built from children, to adults, to family, to lovers, and the like. And this McDo commercial, First Love, really made me feel something. It’s telling me that there are things that you will never stop loving and will always be remembered— just like old habits of soaking your fries in your sundae.

I think the positioning of this commercial is in peoples emotion. Because, obviously it targets people’s nostalgia and love. Yeah, I think it really embodies their mark - “love ko ‘to”.

LURPAK TVC- Saturday is Breakfast Day

Gahd, so much feels in this TVC.
I must say that they succeeded to make us feel hungry and make us look forward to breakfast meals. After watching this in a class, I started to crave for a butter-filled toasts and never stopped thinking about it.

I want to try Lurpak for once (though I know it’s a bit pricey).
hashtag hungry.